The beginning years


My first collie

I bought my first collie in 1984.  I named her Taffy. Taffy was the reason I fell in love with the collie breed.  She had the sweetest temperament and was by my side day and night.  She completely changed my priorities and my plans.


My second and third collies

Two years later, I was the owner of two tri colored puppies.  They were littermates and it was my mother who bred them. We were now a family of four. My favorite memory of them was the day they "ran away" at 8 weeks of age, running through my large field to get to my mother's house, the house where they were born.   Di was the instigator and Coco wasn't too sure about the idea but reluctantly followed her. I called my mother to tell her she had visitors coming.


My first show dog

A friend introduced me to the dog show world.  I took Coco and Di to a few shows and really enjoyed it.  Next thing I knew, I was bringing home my first show dog.  "Trixie" was a year old when I bought her.  She came from Candray Kennels in Candia, NH.  She did very well at the shows and  finished her championship title very quickly.  There was no turning back at this point and I have been breeding and showing dogs ever since then.