Deciding on a veterinarian for your new puppy or dog is a very important decision.  Jan Rasmussen gives some very good tips that will help you know whether or not your veterinarian is really a good one. We all know from our own personal experiences how quickly our own  doctors dispense antibiotics and drugs....well, the same thing happens in the veterinary need to know exactly what you are getting when your veterinarian vaccinates your dog or prescribes antibiotics and preventatives.  Be informed...we all know the benefits but do we also know the risks?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

 Hear it from other pet owners who had to learn the hard way that these preventatives surely do cause adverse reactions.  Remember, preventatives contain chemicals...they are not harmless.  Do the benefits of applying these spot ons outweigh the risks? Do you want your dog to suffer as the dogs in this video have?
 John Clifton, author of "Stop the shots," talks about overvaccination of dogs in this video.  As he states in the interview, yearly vaccination is not needed, yet the majority of veterinarians are still following those outdated practices.  It is common knowledge now that OVERvaccination is causing autoimmune diseases in dogs and cats.

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Dog health is a subject very dear to my heart.  My book shelves are lined with dog health books, I belong to numerous dog health related egroups, and I read any article I can find on dog health.  A few years ago I wrote an article about the holistic approach to dog rearing.  I talk about vaccination, the use of preventatives, and dog nutrition.  You can read my article "Who knows best?" here.

I am constantly coming across new information that I want to share with my previous and current puppy buyers...anyone who has a collie and could benefit from this new knowledge.  I have decided that I will post that information on this page for all to see.  I am hoping that if you hear this information, not only from me, but from veterinarians who have treated dogs damaged by vaccines and preventatives, and from dog owners who have lost dogs to tragic illnesses that could have been prevented, that maybe you will start to see that we all need to change the way we raise dogs today and return to a more natural approach to dog rearing.  And I am hoping that you will see how important it is for you to be informed so that you can make educated decisions about your dog's care.

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