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Quincy puppies

At Quincy Collies we are known for our natural approaches to rearing our dogs.  Our dogs are all fed a species appropriate diet that ensures that our puppies and future generations of collies will have good strong immune systems.  A strong immune system is the foundation of health.  While we realize not everyone is in a position to raise their dogs as we do, we do encourage our puppy buyers to become educated about the decisions they will have to make regarding vaccination, diet and preventatives.  We're here to help you understand the benefits and risks of vaccinations and preventatives and the importance of feeding a healthy diet to your puppy.

Before leaving here, your puppy will have been checked by a veterinary opthamologist and by our regular veterinarian. You will receive a copy of the health check and the eyecheck.  The puppy will also have been vaccinated...with a very conservative and much safer approach that minimizes the stress that vaccination puts on the immune system.

2 year old tri male for sale!  See pictures below!

Marcus is a very sweet and loving dog.  He needs an active home as he has lots of energy.

Please contact us for more information.

email: quincycollies@yahoo.com

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